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Ancient Building Fire Protection

Ancient Building Fire Protection

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(Summary description)Ancient Building Fire Protection

Ancient Building Fire Protection

(Summary description)Ancient Building Fire Protection

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First, fire hazards

Second, the cause of fire in ancient buildings

Lack of water

There are many ancient Most of the buildings are in the mountains and far away from the city center, so once a fire breaks out, there is a problem of lack of water sources.

Complex and changeable

For example, in major During the festival, a large number of people gather, and fire factors increase; there are also poor management of power and fire sources, and some electrical circuits and electrical equipment fires.


No fire protection Separated, easy to "fire even camp". Most of the ancient buildings are based on single buildings, forming various courtyards and building groups.

Difficulty in fighting fire

Ancient building The layout is compact, and there is no corresponding fire passage. Once a fire occurs, the fire rescue vehicle cannot reach the fire point, which makes it difficult to fight the fire.


cultural relics and ancient buildingsThird: Smart Fire Fighting Solution:
1) Establish a set of “perception-assessment-warning-disposal-optimization” fire prevention and control solutions combined with intelligent iterative optimization and improvement to continuously improve the fire risk self-prevention and control capabilities of key firefighting units;
Perception: integrated monitoring of smoke, temperature and fire; remote visual supervision; mobile phone monitoring;
Assessment: regional fire risk assessment; single building fire risk assessment;
Early warning: early warning of fire area; early warning of unit area fire; emergency preparation plan to assist decision-making
Disposal: call the fire control center; management of fire-fighting duty personnel; fire-prevention monitoring management; fire-fighting system start-up management
Optimization: accident data analysis; fire protection publicity and education; fire protection supervision improvement; fire simulation drill





cultural relics and ancient buildings2) Use 5G Internet of Things information technology, fire technology, wisdom New technologies for firefighting achieve the seven goals of comprehensive perception, dynamic monitoring, intelligent early warning, unified command, rapid disposal, precise supervision, and data analysis, and effectively improve the fire prevention and control capabilities and actual command level of fire rescue agencies and key firefighting units themselves. Create a good fire safety environment for social and economic development, and escort the continuous stability of the society and the sustainable health of the people.
Comprehensive perception: Comprehensive perception of smoke, temperature, and fire
All-weather monitoring: HD camera 360° all-weather monitoring
Intelligent warning: fire control center warning; wireless terminal transmission warning; mobile terminal warning
  Scientific command: Make scientific decisions through visual monitoring; initiate relevant emergency preparedness plans;
  Quick disposal: emergency evacuation of personnel; activation of fire extinguishing system;
  Precision supervision: precise fire area scope; division of risk areas to organize evacuation in an orderly manner;
  Data analysis: risk assessment; simulation exercise


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