Low-carbon Intelligent Fire Fighting Equipment And Solutions
Rail 2021-02-20

Rail Transit Fire Protection

As a public transportation with a large passenger capacity, the safety of the subway will directly affect the lives and property safety of passengers. Safe operation is the primary goal and basic principle of subway transportation. Fire is the main factor threatening subway safety, and an important cause of casualties and property losses.
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Comprehensive 2021-02-20

Comprehensive Pipe Gallery Fire Fighting

The comprehensive pipeline corridor (called "common ditch" in Japan and "common pipeline" in Taiwan) is an underground urban pipeline comprehensive corridor, that is, a tunnel space is built underground in the city to connect electricity, communications, gas, heating, water supply and drainage, etc. This kind of engineering pipelines are integrated, with special inspection ports, hoisting ports and monitoring systems. The implementation of unified planning, unified design, unified construction and management is an important infrastructure and "lifeline" to ensure the operation of the city.
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Data 2021-02-20

Data Center Fire Protection

A data center is a network of specific equipment that is globally coordinated to transmit, accelerate, display, calculate, and store data and information on the Internet network infrastructure. With the increase in the amount of computers and data, people can also improve their abilities through continuous learning and accumulation, which is an important sign of the information age.
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Tobacco 2021-02-20

Tobacco Industry Fire Protection

Tobacco warehouses are mainly places or buildings where tobacco companies store and place cigarettes, tobacco leaves and other materials. When a fire occurs in a tobacco warehouse, it not only has the characteristics of ordinary warehouse fire accidents, but also because the materials stored in it have strong flammability and high value. Once a fire accident occurs, it will cause unimaginable consequences in a short period of time, which will cause enterprises Cause huge economic losses.
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Ancient 2021-02-20

Ancient Building Fire Protection

Ancient Building Fire Protection
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Library 2021-02-20

Library And Archives Fire Protection

Most of the books, newspapers, periodicals and archive materials collected in libraries and archives are combustible materials. Public libraries and large libraries in scientific research and educational institutions often receive a large number of readers. Once a fire occurs in a library or archive, it will not only turn precious orphan books, scarce newspapers, historical archives, and literature into ashes. The price cannot be calculated, the loss is difficult to make up, and it will endanger the lives of people.
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Power 2021-02-20

Power Industry Fire Protection

Electricity is inseparable in our daily life, and the production and operation of enterprises are also inseparable from electricity. As the central link of the transmission and distribution system, substations may have a serious impact on the entire system if an accident occurs. For example, fires and explosions in substations are likely to cause serious harm to the power supply system.
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Petrochemical 2021-02-20

Petrochemical Fire Protection

Petrochemical Fire Protection
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Highway 2021-02-20

Highway Tunnel Fire Protection

In recent years, with the increasing scale of my country's highway transportation construction, as of the end of 2019, the scale of my country's tunnels has reached 18,966,600 meters, with 19,069. At present, my country has become the world's largest number of tunnels, the most complex conditions, and the fastest technology development s country. The danger of tunnel fire accidents caused by vehicle failures, collisions, spontaneous combustion and other reasons in the tunnel is obviously increasing. There have been many deaths and injuries in tunnel fire accidents at home and abroad.
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Fire 2021-02-20

Fire Protection In Tall Space

With the development of urban economy, my country's high-rise buildings are developing in the direction of modernization, large-scale, and multi-functional. Due to the high floors, complex functions and numerous equipment of high-rise buildings, once a fire occurs, it cannot be extinguished from the outside like ordinary buildings. , It is very easy to cause major economic losses and casualties. Therefore, it is very important to grasp the characteristics of high-rise building fires.
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